The Arsenal of Skills

All those moms on Pinterest make it look so easy.  It is like watching the Olympics of crafting...a gymnast makes it so easy to do three back flips on a narrow beam and yet I can't do a somersault.  So as I begin on this venture let me take a quick inventory of my skills:

1. I can knit
2. I can kind of crochet
3. I can bake the best cookies ever as reflected by my waistline
4. I own a sewing machine and serger.  I can even use them a little bit.
5. I'm good at planning things
6. I'm not as good about the implementation

Skills that I can outsource to my husband
1. Anything handy
2. Anything requiring hand eye coordination

Skills that I completely lack
1. Patience
2. The ability to remain calm in the midst of chaos
3. Painting or drawing
4. The ability to follow directions
5. The ability not to make mess out of any work space
6. Cooking other than baking
7. Time...well it is not a a skill but I definitely lack it

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